In 2018, Two Pines Expeditions became the first adventure-based experiential marketing platform of its kind; connecting diverse communities and socially responsible brands with exciting narrative.

a partner unlike any other.

At Two Pines, we're built to connect with organizations that are passionate about enriching a diverse global community. Whether you're looking to enhance brand awareness through experiential marketing, build a closer corporate team by creating your own Two Pines experience, or support social advocacy efforts through sponsorship, a marketing partnership with Two Pines will be unlike any other you have had in the past.


The Differentiator.

At Two Pines, everything we do, we do because we believe that we a responsibility to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. Because of this imperative, we only partner with organizations that are passionate and have a deep resolve to positively impact the mental and social welfare of our communities. Because we limit our partnerships in this way, we reserve greater clarity of purpose and a focused determination to see your organization succeed. 



  • Marketing and advertising partnerships that include:
    • brand communication strategies
    • branded space and advertising 
    • product demand generation
    • professional creative media and copy
    • branded storytelling and narrative
    • Tailor-made, branded expeditions for corporate teams that include:
      • Experienced expedition leaders
      • Applicable skills training and outdoor leadership education for your team
      • Professional photography and filmmakers to capture your message and experience

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