What we do

We contribute to the advancement of biotechnology by conducting remote medical research across the globe.

Own the Experience

You want fulfillment from an outdoor experience. Like us, you feel that traditional guiding services take away critical elements of self-sufficiency and diminish the achievement.

The Two Pines experience is different. Each individual is a contributing member throughout the life-cycle of an adventure; from initial planning to a safe return home, you own your experience. 

We are not looking for professional climbers. Our total-immersion training method will teach you the technical skills needed to succeed on an expedition team.

Peak experiences

Being "in the zone". It happens when we are completely and positively absorbed by an activity, performing at peak levels.

At Two Pines, our aim is to provide authentic outdoor adventures that induce a mind-body experience that stimulates that mental state psychologists refer to as flow

By weaving positive psychology throughout our programs, we introduce new ways to improve our mindset both on and off the mountain.