A Little Bit About Us

Two Pines is a lifestyle journal about nothing in particular. In fact, we've spent 6 months trying to figure out exactly what the intent was behind creating it. I think it is maybe just a journal for the sake of journaling. We are also amateur photographers and want a place to post our galleries. We came up with the name for our nothing-in-particular project from a quote by John Muir who said that "between every two pines is a door leading to a new world." We liked the poetry behind it and adopted it. Maybe the journal entries and galleries are a way of exposing the new worlds we discover on our escapades. Our overall goal is to inspire ourselves and others to live life in accordance with an authentic design and to create momentum and progress toward achieving a chronicle of adventure. Two Pines hopes to eventually connect with a collective of individuals who are passionate about their lifestyles and define their success in ways that are a little different from today's standard convention.


Nick A.

mountain moose | butcher of words

Marta A.

photographer | language thief